Entry: Classroom Displays Blog on the TES site 3/11/2006

The Classroom Displays blog got blogged by someone at the TES!
UK Educational Resources - TES - The Times Educational Supplement

Classroom displays by teachers around the world are now commonplace on the web. For example, go to the http://lmhartley.edublogs.org/ and you will find detailed examples of work displayed by teachers. Some of them have linked their pages to Flickr (www.flickr.com), which is a free photo uploading service that allows you to share comments on pictures.

It's a really interesting article about the shift web 2.0 is causing in education resource production, too. So there's evidence of impact :-) Fits very neatly with my research findings.
On a less happy note some one managed to mess up the link in the article so I've em-mailed the TES to see if it can be fixed.


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