Entry: Typical! 2/25/2006

Just when I give up on a goal in 43Things I have to sort it out after all! I gave up trying to learn more about Dreamweaver yesterday. All this web 2.0 stuff makes it irrelevant right? Wrong! Last night I realised that for my exhibtion I need to make anchors to definitions in the glossary page. Can't do that in VoodooPad (memo to self - moan about that on the VoodooPad list!) so I have to open up Dreamweaver and edit the two VoodooPad html export docs. Ah well - it actually took about 10 minutes to work out how and do it :-) But I was really grumpy that I had to!
So this counts as learning more about software packages, which I was convinced I wouldn't do in Module 3 as I'd sworn not to do a presentation.
I'm happy with the way the web site for the exhibition is coming on. It needs more visuals, and I'm deeply tempted to add some video/audio stuff - just to make it less boring for me if nothing else!
The plan for the exhibition is a little unusual . I'm putting it on-line as a web site on March the 6th .Then on March the 8th I'm holding an afterschool workshop in the ICT suite. After a brief introduction from me I'm going to do what I do best in there and wizz round supporting people while they explore the exhibtion. It should be fun, if a bit manic! It should give me chance to make observations, collect feedback, and generally prevent the 'it's very nice - so where's the cake?' syndrome!
There will be cake and coffee of course, but that will be in the staffroom afterwards. You can't take food and drink into the ICT suite. Sneaky? Me? lol!


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