Entry: More McNiff and values 1/22/2006

When reviewing the impact my actions have had by analysing the data I need to set the criteria. This will help me to asses whether my action has taken me nearer to my values (McNiff 2002).

My Values and McNiff notes
Notes and ideas for setting the criteria against which to evaluate my research
Flat world - equality of voice
sharing resources beyond community boundries - putting what is inside on the outside
value of CoPs & CoIs
collaboration at all levels
lack of geographic boundries
practitioners as theorists

The consideration of ontology, of one's being in and toward the world, should be a central feature of any discussion of the value of self-study research (Bullough and Pinnegar, 2004 p. 319)

The value informed life
My belief in:
an appreciation of the common good
personal integrity
personal responsibility
the right of the individual to contribute and be heard
the need for creativity as basic to humans
the importance of lived experiences
the need to test theory against practice

Theory into practice (personal values)
Have my actions moved my lived relationship with those I work with both in school and online nearer to my values?
In what ways?
Cite specific instances from the data collected.

Given the value I place on informal, situated learning (add ref to relevant reports) have my actions provided opportunities for myself and others to learn in this way?
Again be specific.


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