Entry: Podcasting 1/6/2006

Oh good grief - podcasting on radio 4. Sheesh! Jenni Murray just asked "So is it like audio blogging then?" Mainstream or what!!! Radio 4 The Message

As part of a trial the BBC has been offering some programmes and programme highlights as downloads and podcasts. The trial, which was due to finish at the end of 2005, has proved so successful that it will now continue into 2006, with a number of new programmes due to be added. But what is a podcast, what can you listen to and where's the catch?
Interesting though, they are covering the "Why Podcast? Why blog?" questions.

The explanation about the podcasting trial and the list of available programmes are here .

Mind you we were very tempted to record the first ever ukcider tasting podcast last night lol! Now where did I put that digital sound recorder???


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