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Invented Memories

Invent a memory of me and post it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it's something that's never happened. Then post this in your blog so that people can invent memories for you. Who can resist a meme?

Posted at 10:53:08 pm by lmhartley
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More McNiff and values

When reviewing the impact my actions have had by analysing the data I need to set the criteria. This will help me to asses whether my action has taken me nearer to my values (McNiff 2002).

My Values and McNiff notes
Notes and ideas for setting the criteria against which to evaluate my research
Flat world - equality of voice
sharing resources beyond community boundries - putting what is inside on the outside
value of CoPs & CoIs
collaboration at all levels
lack of geographic boundries
practitioners as theorists

The consideration of ontology, of one's being in and toward the world, should be a central feature of any discussion of the value of self-study research (Bullough and Pinnegar, 2004 p. 319)

The value informed life
My belief in:
an appreciation of the common good
personal integrity
personal responsibility
the right of the individual to contribute and be heard
the need for creativity as basic to humans
the importance of lived experiences
the need to test theory against practice

Theory into practice (personal values)
Have my actions moved my lived relationship with those I work with both in school and online nearer to my values?
In what ways?
Cite specific instances from the data collected.

Given the value I place on informal, situated learning (add ref to relevant reports) have my actions provided opportunities for myself and others to learn in this way?
Again be specific.

Posted at 11:14:57 pm by lmhartley
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Unblocking Blogs

James has got the structure of nonscholae up today. is a site devoted to the responsible use of blogs, instant messaging and other social software in schools.

Non scholae sed vitae discimus
We learn, not for school, but for life - Seneca, Epistulae

We believe that these tools and resources should not be blocked or banned from schools. As educators, we should be familiarising learners with these technologies, supporting and facilitating their responsible use and equipping our students with the skills to keep them safe and savvy in the online world.

However, at the moment, many schools are simply closing their eyes, banning these technologies and doing their learners a disservice in the process.

I've asked my head to get the LEA to unblock the Classroom Displays Blog at school in time for my exhibtion. I discovered today that the smart filter even blocks it on the staffroom computer, which wasn't even supposed to be filtered at all :-(
So much for showing someone the blog at school or teachers accessing it during PPA time. Grrr!
Quite how I'm going to do a workshop in the IT suite as part of my exhibtion week if I can't get into the blog is another issue.

Posted at 6:33:15 pm by lmhartley
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Oh good grief - podcasting on radio 4. Sheesh! Jenni Murray just asked "So is it like audio blogging then?" Mainstream or what!!! Radio 4 The Message
As part of a trial the BBC has been offering some programmes and programme highlights as downloads and podcasts. The trial, which was due to finish at the end of 2005, has proved so successful that it will now continue into 2006, with a number of new programmes due to be added. But what is a podcast, what can you listen to and where's the catch?
Interesting though, they are covering the "Why Podcast? Why blog?" questions.

The explanation about the podcasting trial and the list of available programmes are here .

Mind you we were very tempted to record the first ever ukcider tasting podcast last night lol! Now where did I put that digital sound recorder???

Posted at 4:45:01 pm by lmhartley
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I woke up this morning with an old familiar itch. It's the one that used to lead me to start a new quilt project, get out the janting and do some batik, pull together some ideas and start an embroidery or even start making pots again. It's that need to create something - part of it is a need to 'be in the moment'. That one I know is a symptom of spending too much time up in my head, so it's about grounding myself. You can't think about anything else when you are throwing a pot or cutting into a new piece of fabric.

When we had access to JellyOS I used to scratch that itch on line by creating 'jelly quilts' but now all the creativity seems to have gone from the degree.
I don't have enough skill to get that sort of satisfaction from using something like Photoshop - what I produce just looks really bad. Anyway part of this feeling is to produce something quite tangible, not something virtual.
I'm going to try to ignore this feeling, just sit with it till it passes. Try to focus on what needs to be done rather than what I feel like doing. Hard though.

Posted at 2:09:07 pm by lmhartley
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I re-read my whinge about the pilot exhibition and something jumped out at me.

It didn't feel natural standing up in front of them telling them stuff. It doesn't fit my prefered pedagogy. I'd rather have got people doing something real but that wasn't possible

Why not?
Why couldn't we have done this in the IT room and let them spend at least part of the time looking for themselves at what I was talking about?
  • my presentation could have had live links perhaps that they could have followed.
  • there could have been some sort of online provision for making comments, maybe  a permalink to my exhibition page on the research blog
  • we could have visited blogs and wikis - much clearer than me explaining

Ah well - no time for double looping before the module was handed in. Still this insight does give me some clues about the main exhibition, if I still do one in school.

Posted at 9:55:40 am by lmhartley
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Broken it - sort of.....

The only way I can now post to this blog is via Internet Exploder and I'm really fed up about it. Camino can't cope with the new wiziwig editor and the html version greys out the entry area. Safari doesn't work either. What on earth am I to do? IE for the mac isn't supported either but at least I can get into the entry area. I pay for this blog but if they don't get this sorted out I won't be doing so anymore!
Also I've just discovered my header for the blog is off centre if viewed in IE - grrrr, not happy!
Ok here's Firefox working with the wiziwig - if this works I may have to start using FFrather than Camino.  Wonder if this will work?
OK - it works. So finally something will force me to use Firefox. I got into using Camino originally because the copy and past into Firefox didn't work in the blog - wonder if that's fixed?  Yep that works ok now. Hmm perhaps I'll finally learn to love Firefox...

Posted at 12:40:04 pm by lmhartley
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McNiff - aha

McNiff says that the researcher needs to set criteria by which they will know there has been improvement. She suggests that this criteria should link to the researchers values. This was a powerful insight for me. I had begun to examine my values as I stated my assumptions for the research proposal but until I read this part of McNiffs work I had not fully made the connection between this and the means of judging the efficacy of the improvements I may make and indeed the deeper levels of my reasons for my choice of topic.

Posted at 11:30:50 pm by lmhartley
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I thought the best thing to to with my lack of evidence for my pilot exhibition might be to try a reflection. I used the idea of a reflective splurge a lot in year 1 and 2 of the degree and I thought it might give me some insight. It didn't help much, no Aha moments. So not the right thing to do perhaps. I'm still convinced that some sort of creative expression might help but at the moment I'm too tired to be creative and the deadline for the module is only 10 days away. As things stand at the moment I'm seriously considering a photo of my empty pigeon hole and a reflective hiaku. Hal once said he'd always wondered if someone might submit 4 photos (it would need to be 6 this time of course).
Someone says it happened because I am in the real world and it's all part of the experience. I have no idea how to respond to that. Yes, I am in the real world - there is another sort perhaps???? The unreal fantasy one the writers of our modules inhabit, for example?
Richard's comment is kind and tries to reassure me but I haven't time to watch and wait for a slow burn, I have a deadline looming. I'm afraid the whole pilot thing has been totally forgotten in the madness that is a primary school in December. It's a flurry of costumes, cards, callendars, rehearsals, DT projects to be finished, and in the middle of all this packing stuff up to move into temp classrooms after Christmas.
Viv - what can I say? It's scary and I'm afraid I can't say anything reassuring except not everyone has had this problem. Maybe you'll be fine.

Posted at 10:42:11 pm by lmhartley
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Impact? As in a long slow car wreck?

Well, I did my pilot exhibtion and they came and they ate my cake and they looked like they were listening and they clapped at the end. And I asked some questions, and they asked some questions. And only now do I realise, a week later, that I never got any answers.
So I have no feed back - none, as in, not any. I can cross structured focus groups off my list of data collection methods, and evaluation sheets too. Oh, and individual interviews of both a structured and unstructured nature, and informal conversations as no-one likes to be quoted when they are just chatting, so what's left?
Nothing much.
Two main ones so far
1. I am rubbish at this - this seems to be Stephen's favoured position. He thinks I must have sounded like an expert and they were intimidated into silence by me.
Does he realise these people are mostly teachers and I am a TA? They are not intimidated by me..... I think. I mean, but maybe he's right. How the hell should I know how I sounded? They won't tell me and I'm way too embarrassed to ever let anyone hear the audio recording.
It didn't feel natural standing up in front of them telling them stuff. It doesn't fit my prefered pedagogy. I'd rather have got people doing something real but that wasn't possible.
Pesonally I incline more to the belief that I bored them into a sort of trance.
2. I was talking to the wrong people. Somewhere - out there there are people who might be interested in what I'm doing. But not in my workplace - which is a kicker when this is a workplace based degree.
I left work having been close to tears all day. I knew this. I knew they weren't interested, so why does it hurt so much?

Posted at 7:51:17 pm by lmhartley
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