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Impact is often a slow burn

Impact - big issue for me at the moment in the Validation and Defence module. I wrote a long blog post and reflection about it over at Acting to Improve. So there I am this lunchtime when I get a message there's a TA meeting about behaviour management at 1pm. I knew there'd been a teacher meeting about it earlier in the week so no great surprise there. Ah - but then I get to the meeting and am amazed to find some research I did for my ILM2 last year being handed out and people being told that my recommendations about levels of unacceptable behaviour and clear consequences are about to become school policy, with full credit being given to yours truly for having done the ground work. I thought it had all vanished without trace. I didn't get one of my better marks for the work and had more or less written it off. It's taken a whole year, talk about a slow burn! So what are the implications of this for my current research impact?

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