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Workshop Reflections

My degree exhibition workshop was in school last week where staff could come and view the site whilst I supported, answered questions and gathered feedback. Scheduled to last about 30 minutes it went ran from 3pm through to 4.30 with people coming in and staying for between 20 and 40 minutes. People looked, talked, ate cake afterwards :-).
Click on the image to see a slideshow of the event.
It was very different to the pilot exhibition. I got lots of feedback, mostly positive but some critical too.
I'm going to reflect on it using Gibbs Reflective Cycle.
There was feedback from what people said in person, from my observations, from the exit survey (which worked surprisingly well collecting lots of qualitative data) and from blog comments. There's been feedback since too with learning journal observations of informal conversations and a couple of interviews.
Now I'm wondering about how best to measure impact in school after a very positive interview with my head teacher.

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