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I re-read my whinge about the pilot exhibition and something jumped out at me.

It didn't feel natural standing up in front of them telling them stuff. It doesn't fit my prefered pedagogy. I'd rather have got people doing something real but that wasn't possible

Why not?
Why couldn't we have done this in the IT room and let them spend at least part of the time looking for themselves at what I was talking about?
  • my presentation could have had live links perhaps that they could have followed.
  • there could have been some sort of online provision for making comments, maybe  a permalink to my exhibition page on the research blog
  • we could have visited blogs and wikis - much clearer than me explaining

Ah well - no time for double looping before the module was handed in. Still this insight does give me some clues about the main exhibition, if I still do one in school.

Posted at 9:55:40 am by lmhartley


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